Organizing isn't one-size-fits-all. You don't have to become a minimalist or get rid of all your worldly goods to make it happen. 

Organizing is a learned life skill that helps us reach our goals efficiently and with ease. Anyone can do it, and I want to help you discover your unique organizing style so that you can do it too.

Are you ready?

Choose your adventure:

I offer short and long-term services to meet your organizing needs. I can also create a personalized package for you to meet your needs, budget, and location.

Like to work on your own with a little direction? Our books and courses offer step-by-step guides to help you clear clutter and get organized. 

Like attending workshops? I offer several that cover everything from organizing and productivity to writing and marketing. Check out the calendar to see what's coming up and register!

I’m SO thankful to you. Going through the emotional process with you has been the best thing ever for me. Now I can easily let go of what I don’t need without second thought. Being on the other side is very liberating.
— H.C. - Fort Worth, TX