Do you want to live a fabulously organized life? 

Maybe you've never been organized. Maybe once upon a time you were an organizing badass but lost that mojo somewhere along the way.

All you know is that not being organized is standing in the way of what you want and the life you want to live.

Welcome, Sunshine! You're in the right place!

I love how you get to the core of my problems.
— S.G., Scottsdale, AZ

Being organized isn't a virtue. Not being organized doesn't make you a bad person. It does, however, make life much more complicated than it needs to be. 

Let's simplify and streamline your life, Sunshine. 

By letting go of what is standing between you and your goals, then implementing systems to make everything flow with ease, your life will flow as well. 

And when it doesn't, you merely course-correct and keep going. 

Or as I like to say, "breathe and re-group." 

Where are you having problems? Where do you feel unclear or not effective enough? Organization is a powerful tool to help you fix these things and more. And we'd love to help you get there! 


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I’m SO thankful to you. Going through the emotional process with you has been the best thing ever for me. Now I can easily let go of what I don’t need without second thought. Being on the other side is very liberating.
— H.C. - Fort Worth, TX

Melinda Massie, professional organizer

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