"From Hot Mess to Hot Damn!" Pay-What-You-Want is Here to Stay!

After such fabulous response on my birthday, I've decided to keep the pay-what-you-want pricing for the PDF version of "From Hot Mess to Hot Damn!" permanent. Part of my mission from the very beginning has to been to help as many people as possible, regardless of economic status. While clutter knows no tax bracket, and I've organized shoes from Payless to Prada, I'm also very aware that not everyone can afford to work with me directly. This book is like having me in your home, and access to my process at your fingertips, which helps me accomplish my mission. 

Note: the free option was a birthday only special. However, the minimum price is only $1...because administrative fees. Also, pay-what-you-want only applies to the PDF version of the book - not other e-retailers or print. 

So if you missed my special birthday promotion of the book, you're in luck as I've decided to keep it around! Pick it up today!

Prefer to have the book in print? Buy here.

Blog Survey

Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog Survey

Hey there! 

I've been writing this blog for over 6 years now and I LOVE writing and sharing my expertise for you in this way. However, over the span 6 years everyone's needs change. My writing has evolved as has my philosophy and ideas about organizing.

Not to mention, when I shifted by blog last year from the old site to this new website, there was a TON of information that moved, and I know not all of it transferred nicely. 

So I'm embarking on the massive task of updating and editing the blog. Old junk that I don't believe or find to hold true will be deleted. Good stuff that's been hidden for years will be republished. 

Who knows...I may even discover my next book in there. 

Going forward, I'll contribute to the blog in a consistent way again. I've neglected it in the last couple of years while I've been working on my other books, and it's long past time to post regularly again.

That's where you come in. I have a huge favor to ask. This blog is here to help you, so I've created this quick survey to learn more about your needs and better help you. It should only take a few moments and will help me out tremendously. And if you hate surveys, that's cool too. No pressure. 

Thank you so much and I look forward to sharing more fabulous organizing goodness with you!!